Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Half Birthday!

6 months old?! Oh. My. Goodness! Time sure flies. I cannot believe my baby boy is 6 months old already! I am so excited to see where he goes, how he grows, and what life brings him, but I am also a little sad. I cry a little each time I put clothes away that no longer fit him. Sap. Anyways, I'll quit talking, onto the photos...
hehe I love this look. He does it a lot lately. This is a giant frog Gabe got from his great grandma for Christmas. It's bigger than he is.

As close as I got to a smile, please excuse my slippers.
At 6 Months Old Gabriel:
  • weighs 14 lbs (no height as he has not had his 6 month appointment yet, only weight by fluke)
  • Is sitting up on his own for longer periods of time
  • Is teething like a mad man! Drooling, rosy red cheeks, the whole deal, but no teeth as of yet
  • Is eating like a champ. We now have two meals a day. Cereal and a fruit or Veggie. He loves bananas in those mesh feeders and baby mum-mums
  • Is more talkative and integrative everyday! Such a ham!
  • Is a huge flirt!!
And of course I couldn't resist sharing some photos from Gabriel's first Christmas.

Family Photo

Fell asleep Christmas Eve and we had no where else to put him (at my aunt's house) so he slept in a box. It was great until he woke up and no one was around and he was in a box in a strange room. I think he was slightly traumatized when my uncle brought him out haha. Poor wee man.

Presents Christmas morning. Gabe's tower of Tupperware buckets, love these things!

Mommy and Daddy's favourite gift of all <3
God really has blessed me with an amazing family. Thanks for letting me share him with you.
Happy Stamping,
Elizabeth Emma


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