Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Digital Studio, Take 2

Yesterday I posted about my first experiences with My Digital Studio. I mentioned that I had made a couple birth announcements/thank-you cards. Here is the second go I had at it.

Here is the front and the back (you can design both sides). I used the same colours as the one I shared with you yesterday, I just put a little different spin on it. What do you think? I plan on using these for thank-yous which is why I left the blank tag on the back of the card. I was going to hand make all my thank-yous but we all know how that went with my wedding thank-yous (if you don't know, it took me forever) and that was when I didn't have a little one to care for so I thought this one might be a bit quicker, but still made by me, and still super cute.

Right now I am trying to take advantage of nap time as best I can! I am currently making invitations for Gabriel's Christening. I hope to share those with you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Stamping,
Elizabeth Emma


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