Sunday, December 9, 2012

November 2012 Craft Fairs

November was a busy month for me, craft show wise. I had 3 of them! I don't know if people realize the amount of work and preparation that goes into them. Wow. Exhausting I tell you. Especially with a little one at home. I am not sure if I am going to participate is so many so close together next year, we'll see.
I took a few pictures from my first craft show I attended. Unfortunately I had a bit of a brain fart that day and forgot an entire box of stuff, including all my retired stamps and even my sign. I wasn't very happy, but we went with it.
My handmade cards. I sell them for $3 each or 6 for $15. I lucked out on getting the card stand. My mom owns a floral and gift shop and found it sitting in storage not being used. I think it came with plaques or something on it at one time, but it fits my cards perfectly, bonus!

Table Shot. Usually I have a Stampin' Up! sign on the front and a smaller table in front with retired stamps and products.

Business Corner. Newsletter Sign-up, Current promotions, Current catalogues.

Another table shot. Tic-Tac Holders, Votive Packages, Tea Holders, M&M treats.

My tile coasters and handmade notebooks (large and small)
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Stamping,
Elizabeth Emma


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