Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gabriel 4 Months Old...

Wow, time sure does fly, and I am getting slow and a bit behind on Gabriel's monthly updates. Our little baby Gabe is now 4.5 months old and growing like a weed.


Our favourite little man is sick right now :( Poor baby had a terrible ear infection and cold, but is looking much better lately. I knew something was up because he wasn't his normal, happy cheerful self. We had out regular 4 month appointment scheduled (a tad bit late because our Dr was away) and when we got there he was just screaming. Poor baby. We got a script for antibiotics, and no needles since he wasn't feeling well. So after a few days of his antibiotics, Tylenol, and lots of cuddles he is smiling again and still not 100% but on his way there!

Anyways I will stop babbling and get onto some pictures of this cutie!

Yup. I did it. I'm that mom. I put my baby in a pumpkin. He wasn't too impressed and all he really wanted to do was eat it. I was able to snap a couple okay pictures before he totally freaked out on me haha

Here is my strong little boy on his tummy. With his crazy hair do. I always tried to brush it after his bath but I give up because when he wakes up in the morning this is what it looks like. And he always get compliments on it, so I think we are just gonna roll with it.

At 4 Months Old:
  • 13lbs 9oz and 26 inches long
  • We have rolled from our tummy to our back, but only a handful of times, and only when naked/not wearing any pants...weird child
  • Looooves to be naked
  • Squealing and screaming in delight, hilarious to hear
  • Smiles and giggles all the time
  • Awake more and more
  • Favourite toy is his hanging Lamaze Butterfly and of course his Baby Einstein Activity Mat (this is the only way I get things done some days)
And I will leave you with my little Elephant on Halloween! Hehe, such a cutie pie!
And As always...
Happy Stamping,
Elizabeth Emma



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