Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Post!

Well everyone, here I am, my first post as a new Stampin' Up! Demonstrator! I don't have much exciting to say (or show for that matter)! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here and I am super excited about this new opportunity! I plan on keeping you all updated with awesome ideas, tips and techniques!

If you're local, please feel free to attend a class or to book a workshop to learn more and test out some Stampin' Up! amazing, innovative, and creative projects!

That's all for now, time for this creative chicky to put herself to bed! I shall leave you with a picture of my and my hunny, along with 20 random facts to help you get to know me better!


Elizabeth Emma

1. I am engaged to a wonderfully awesome man, and we are getting married June 25, 2011

2. I have a peculiar puggle named Snoopy but I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world

3. I love hardwood floors and big beautiful kitchens

4. I am a nurse. I love my job.

5. My favourite season is fall, I love the sound leaves make when they crunch under your feet.

6. I am marrying a firefighter, and although this scares me to death, I am so proud of him!

7. I love crafting and stamping and everything about being creative!

8. If I wasn't a nurse I would be an event planner (weddings, etc.)

9. I would own 100 dogs if I could.

10. I could look at China patterns and pick out kitchen tools all day long.

11. I love all aspects of home decor.

12. I subscribe to Martha Stewart in the mail, and yes I get excited over every issue, and yes I read every issue.

13. My mom and my sister are my best friends.

14. My mom owns an awesome flower shop and is an amazing floral designer.

15. Someday (soon) I hope to have a big (slightly insane, in a good way) happy family of my own with my darling fiance!

16. My family means the world to me and I would fiercely defend each and everyone of them when it came down to it!

17. I love organization. I could spend all day (and night) googling ways to organize things!!!

18. Pina Coladas rock.

19. I am marrying into a great family and I couldn't have wished for better in-laws!

20. My puggle is my baby. Those of you who don't have pets, do not understand!


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